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People always attach great importance on the soul, as the saying that beautiful soul overweighs everything, so in the movie, the everlasting theme is that an ugly girl wins the true love at last. Recently, a hot topic of discussing whether the girls’ outlook is important, the fact is that people reach their agreement that outlook really matters, if a person looks terrible, no one will like to make friends with him, let alone to know about him. In my opinion, beautiful soul is of great importance, but if people don’t make themselves look comfortable outside, no one wants to know his inside. We need to clear ourselves, it doesn’t mean we must make up, we should make ourselves look comfortable and confident, we should dress the tidy clothes and make our hair in order. People say outlook is not important, but it doesn’t mean we give up our outlook and let it look terrible.





For this snowstorm, in order to allow the victims of the snowstorm in the restoration of normal life as soon as possible, a large-scale donor activities began. Online publicity in calling for the release of the postings, and many factories and companies have generously star performers also have given their own a love those old super-women, men also faster and harder for the donor to the streets promotional activities. United States, Japan, China also donated many of the funds.

Eating snow merciless land, and the cold winter wind and pain to people's face, a broad Bing-Shuang moment frozen in the road. All seem to have become difficult, snow is like a white demon with our raging snow Aiai Bixiang snow mountains, unable to find the way out. However, we will not admit defeat! We also have "love"! No matter what natural and manmade disasters have been carrying the love! It is like a bouquet of light, lit the path of hope, we are no longer afraid, no longer fear!

There is a feeling is cold, there is a force called "love"!

Love is in a winter sunshine is hungry and cold people feel the warmth of the world; love is in the desert in recent springs, to the brink of desperate people to see the life of the hope of love is a floating in the night sky in the songs, so that In the loneliness without access to spiritual consolation; love is a long spell of drought in the flesh littered the land of the mannose, withered soul feelings of the people feel nourished.



吃雪无情的土地,和寒冷的冬天风和痛苦的脸,一个广泛冰霜瞬间冻结在路上。似乎都变得困难,雪就像一个白色的恶魔与愤怒的雪Aiai Bixiang雪山,找不到出路。然而,我们不会承认失败!我们也有“爱”!无论自然和人为灾害已经带着爱!它就像一束光,照亮希望的道路,我们不再害怕,不再害怕!



高一英语作文:Back to childhood(优秀作文)

if i were a boy again, i would practice perseverance more often, and never give up a thing because it was or inconvenient. if we want light, we must conquer darkness. perseverance can sometimes equal genius in its results. “there are only two creatures,” says a proverb, “who can surmount the pyramids—the eagle and the snail.”

if i were a boy again, i would school myself into a habit of attention; i would let nothing come between me and the subject in hand. i would remember that a good skater never tries to skate in two directions at once.the habit of attention becomes part of our life, if we begin early enough. i often hear grown up people say “ i could not fix my attention on the sermon or book, although i wished to do so” , and the reason is, the habit was not formed in youth.

if i were to live my life over again, i would pay more attention to the cultivation of the memory. i would strengthen that faculty by every possible means, and on every possible occasion. it takes a little hard work at first to remember things accurately; but memory soon helps itself, and gives very little trouble. it only needs early cultivation to become a power.



Finally finished the final exam, and then through the "long" winter vacation. But in this everybody happy holidays, we will certainly not as fulfilling in school, so I want to have a good planning, lives.

"Saying" claims however, in the eyes of our sixth grade primary school students is "father" students to learn. So, first of all to put the winter vacation homework, read the diary to write, read books.

At 7:30 in the morning wake up, spend 15 minutes to pick up the bed, wash gargle finished, then spend 15 minutes listening to English tapes.

8:00 is I the little Monkey King of heaven. First take 30 minutes to listen to music to do sport, have little feeling like this?

Then do one and a half hours of housework. Such as: watering the plants, sweep the floor, wipe the Windows, rearranging things.

Will eat lunch until 10:00, I help grandma choose the trim vegetables for cooking, tao tao, by the way, also can learn in a few hands and grandma.

11:30 to 12:30 when I rest one hour of time, this time is not as plan.

12:30 at 2:30 to write two hours of homework.

At 2:30 to 3:30 I want to read the book of an hour, go for a walk outside after watching, when you look into the distance, so that can protect the eyesight.

3:30 can I open the computer to write blog, see weibo, copying copying his composition.

At 4 to 6 PM is rest time, don't be as plan.

At 6:00 a.m. to is my dinner time.

At 6:30 to 8:30 I can watch TV for two hours.

9 I will go to bed.
















We celebrated the New Year: 2016. Want to have a new start in the New Year, I made the winter vacation with my father and mother my study plan.

First of all, from Monday to Friday of English and maths homework:

Eat breakfast at eight o 'clock in the morning. Get up, wash a face to brush your teeth, a total of 20 minutes, about 35 began to do English reading at eight o 'clock, a day to do three papers (including full text translation, noisy don't understand the word phrase, poor don't understand the word phrase) do this three articles about an hour, then rest for 15 minutes. Rest after sweep fifteen minutes to mom and dad. Finish cleaning will continue to do my homework, do English homework copy words (copy of twenty words all over the sky for three days finish copy), then there is no rest to continue to do the math oral 25 questions (do every day) and then can eat dinner and my sister to play for a while. Eat no more than twenty minutes or sentenced to 10 push-ups.

Nap one hour up to do in a math huanggang dense volume (probably do twenty to thirty minutes) after reading "bronze sunflower", probably after half a small free play an hour and a half (free) but a bit late only half an hour on Saturday, Sunday can play computer.

Played for an hour and a half after they help dad tube my sister, let him not to take home disorderly was worse. Play with sister dad cooked rice, this is mom was back, no more than thirty minutes after the meal.

Night with my father and mother read "good soldier svejk" and "bronze sunflower".

This is my cold period plan!